On this page househunters introduce themselves. If you think you have a suitable place for one of them, you can send us an email or call us and we will inform the househunter. Then the househunter can contact you directly and the contact will continue without our interference.
If you are a househunter you can send us an email with the text for your advertisement and we will put it on this page.
Op deze pagina stellen woningzoekenden (househunters) zich voor. Als je denkt dat je een geschikte woonruimte voor één van hen hebt, kun je ons een e-mail sturen of ons bellen. Dan informeren wij de betreffende househunter(s). Vervolgens kan de househunter rechtstreeks contact met je opnemen en dan verloopt verder contact tussen jullie zonder onze tussenkomst.
Ben je een woningzoekende (househunter) dan kun je ons een e-mail met de tekst voor jouw advertentie sturen en we kunnen die dan op deze pagina plaatsen. Het is mogelijk een tweetalige (Engels en Nederlands) tekst aan te leveren.


  • Hallo, mijn naam is Simone. Ik ben een 37 jarige landschapsarchitect en woon momenteel in Zweden. Na 4 jaar kom ik weer terug naar Nederland omdat ik een hele leuke en spannende baan aangeboden heb gekregen. Nu ben ik samen met mijn twee lieve katten op zoek naar woonruimte.Wat ik zoek is een huurwoning van zo’n 50 – 70m2, beschikbaar vanaf maart en het liefst in een groene omgeving. Iets tijdelijks is voor mij ook een optie.Ik ben iemand die graag buiten is; wandelen, hardlopen en in een tuin werken. Ik rook niet.Mocht je iets voor me hebben dan hoor ik graag van je.E-mail and reply with number 349 [Submitted:21-12-2020]
  • Hi! I am Mahsina, a Bangladeshi female Ph.D. researcher at WUR with a contract till March 2023. I am searching for a family house/room(s)/apartment with a rental agreement for a long-stay of at least 1 year or more in Wageningen or Bennekom.  We are planning to move with my family to Wageningen in March 2021. In total, we are 4 persons; me, my husband, and 2 kids (6years and 11 years). My gross monthly income is 1200 euro/month and my maximum budget would be 650 euro/moth inclusive of all utilities and wifi. Also, we are looking that the location could be easy to get to kid’s schools and WUR by bike or public transportation. If I get any house in Wageningen/Bennekom, it would be very convenient for me to balance my motherhood and work! Thank you in advance for your kind support.Thanks! E-mail and reply with number 348 [Submitted:21-12-2020]
  • Hello, my name is Gabriella and I am searching for a room (preferably with 1 female housemate), studio, or 2-room apartment for renting long-term starting in February (1.2.2020). I will be a PhD candidate at WUR starting in January. Preferred locations are the areas of Wageningen, Bennekom, Ede, or Renkum, with a price preferably no higher than €800-900 including g/w/e/services/Wifi. I have no pets (but I like dogs) and I am a non-smoker, I keep to myself but enjoy some socializing with potential housemates. Please send me information if you have a room or apartment to offer. Thanks! E-mail and reply with number 347 [Submitted:28-11-2020]
  • Hallo mijn naam is Michel. Zoek een kamer in een Rustig huis vrij van drugs en sigaretten rook . Ben geen feestganger. Zou het op prijs stellen een kamer te kunnen bewonen in Wageningen of daar vlakbij. Heb een getuigschrift van mijn huidige kamer verhuurster waar ik momenteel nog inwonend  mantelzorger ben, deze dame is gehandicapt, ik heb haar de afgelopen 3 jaren bij gestaan maar daar zij naar een verzorgingshuis moet ben ik genoodzaakt om een andere kamer te gaan zoeken. Groet Michel. Ps. Ik spreek Nederlands, Duits, Engels en Italiaans en wat Spaans. 0684561672 (via W. App)  E-mail and reply with number 346 [Submitted:28-11-2020

  • Hi!I am Cèlia, a 23 years-old Plant Biotechnologist from Barcelona. I’ll be starting my PhD in WUR next March 2021 (full-time job and contract but also a residence permit, insurance,etc.) and I would like to rent a cozy and comfortable home in Wageningen or near-by, to move in with a university colleague (Plant Biotechnologist as well) from Barcelona who is doing her Msc in Wageningen and another female PhD student. We would enjoy a 3/4 room apartment to rent long-term as we’ll be living in Wageningen for at least the next 3-4 years, starting in mid/late february. We are tidy, clean and responsible people, willing to live quietly while focusing on our jobs (most of our time we’ll be working from hoem) so we will be keeping our space organized. We enjoy outdoor activities and working out and we are easy-going mediterranean people :) We hope someone has a nice spot for us which can be rented for around 1100€ all included. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details and we can tell you a bit more about us. Thank you in advance.E-mail and reply with number 344 [Submitted:18-11-2020]
  • I am Cristina, full time, 26 years old, 4-years contract, researcher at WUR. I’m highly interested in an studio for living a period min 2y.Im organized, clean, responsible (no parties, no smoking and no animals). European nationality and full time contract in NL.Please, do not hesitate me for further information.Thanks!E-mail and reply with number 343 [Submitted:09-11-2020]
  • Hello, My name is Esteri, I´m a 25-year-old girl from Finland and I´m looking for self-contained accommodation in Wageningen. I moved here in January after a PhD position I got offered at the laboratory of Biophysics at WUR. I started my PhD studies at the start of February, so I am on the first year of my PhD. The ideal apartment would be located near the city center, or close to WUR. I would prefer a 1-bedroom apartment, but a 2-bedroom, or a bigger studio would also be absolutely perfect!  I am a tidy, non-smoking person and I have no pets. I´m an active person and I love to do outdoor sports such as climbing and jogging. I enjoy spending time with friends, and I am easy to get along with. But at the same time, I appreciate my own space and quietness. I have lived in Dublin studying for my BSc degree at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology). After my time in Dublin, I moved to Gothenburg (Sweden) and did my MSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Gothenburg. After I got my master’s degree, I moved to Stockholm and worked as a laboratory manager in cancer research at the medical university, Karolinska Institute. And now I am working on my PhD here in Wageningen.  I can assure that I would be a reliable tenant who would keep the apartment tidy and organized. I am a clean person who prefers to have her home organized and in order. I´m looking for a peaceful environment to call home so that I can fully focus on my PhD studies for the next 4 years. That said, I would prefer an apartment of my own in a peaceful area without having to get bothered by a lot of noise coming from i.e. student parties and such. I emphasize this as I really want to be able to focus on my work that sometimes requires extra working hours which is why I need a home where I can rest peacefully. My budget for the rent would be around 700 euros, preferably including utilities, but it is flexible depending on the apartment itself and its location. I´m really looking forward to my 4-year PhD journey here in Wageningen, so if you would have a place to offer for me, please get in touch! I´d happily provide work references or more information about myself in case that would improve my chances in finding a place!  Thank you in advance! Kind regards,EsteriE-mail and reply with number 342 [Submitted:30-09-2020]
  • Hi, I am Elis and my husband Radhar. I am a first-year Master student at Wageningen University, currently live in Bennekom. I am planning to live with my spouse and expecting a baby born at the end of April 2021, so I need to move to another house fit for 2 adults and 1 baby. I am looking for a furnished house/flat/apartment with a maximum rental cost €1000 (all bills included). It is preferable if it’s location near the campus. I will prefer to move at the end of March or at the beginning of April, but open to negotiate the date. We are a friendly, tidy, clean, and responsible tenant. We also don’t smoke and don’t have any pets. If you need more information about me, please do not hesitate to contact me.E-mail and reply with number 340 [Submitted:16-09-2020]
  • I am Khalid from Pakistan, I have just started my Ph.D. from  The Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK),  Wageningen University and Research (WUR). I will come to Wageningen in the first week of October. I need a nice calm place to stay, I love to talk and I am a social person. In my free time, I prefer to enjoy nature. Feel free to contact me, if you have or you know someplace to stay. ThanksE-mail and reply with number 339 [Submitted:06-09-2020]
  • Hi! My name is Paulien, 25 years old and master student at WUR (graduating spring 2021). I like working out, reading and spending time outdoors. However, I also like a cozy place at home to relax. My boyfriend Robin is 26 years old and studies occupational therapy at the HAN in Nijmegen. He is a volleybal enthusiast and enjoys playing his acoustic guitar. We are both easy going people who like to find a place together in Wageningen, preferably with own kitchen and bathroom. We keep our living space tidy, clean and organised. When we have time off from studying and work (both work in the health care related sector), we often play board games. We are not huge party people and prefer a little hang out over a house party. Our budget is €900 including all costs a month for a place that is available for at least 6 months. We like to hear from you! E-mail and reply with number 338 [Submitted:04-09-2020]
  • Hello, we are a european couple, who just moved to Wageningen from Germany. We are looking for a 2-3 room appartment with at least 50 m² in Wageningen, Renkum, Helsum or Bennekom from 1st of October 2020. Our budget ist 1000 € a month including g/w/e. Me, Stefanie (29) am studying the master course Nutrition and Health and WUR and receive a monthly student grant funded by the German government. Michal (30) is working full-time at a warehouse. We would stay for at least 2 years in the apaprtment. We are quiet, clean and responsible tenants and are greatful for any help in our search. Thank you in advance.E-mail and reply with number 337 [Submitted:31-08-2020]
  • My name is Bolai. I am a postdoc in Wageningen University & Research on the area of intelligent agricultural engineering who is supposed to arrive on 4 Sep. I come from Harbin China and have just finished my PhD in Sydney Australia. I am a really easy-going person and never smoke. I am looking for a single room or a studio in Wageningen and surrounding areas. I prefer a furnished room but a non-furnished room is also fine with me. My top bugget on accomodation would be €800. If possible, I would like a long-term contract of rent. If you have any suitable accomodations, please contact me.E-mail and reply with number 334 [Submitted:25-08-2020]
  • Goedemiddag,wij zijn 4 studenten(gemengd) die aankomend studiejaar bezig gaan met jaar 2 van de studie Landschapsarchitectuur en Ruimtelijke Planning. En zijn op zoek naar een onderkomen voor de komende jaren. Wij zouden het heel leuk vinden als we dit met elkaar zouden kunnen doen en daarom zijn wij op zoek naar: -een huisje(of iets dergelijks) voor 4-6 personen in omgeving Wageningen(+5km) en een ruimte om bijvoorbeeld kippen te houden. E-mail and reply with number 332[Submitted:04-08-2020]
  • Dear sir/madam. My name is Francisco, 31 years old from Mexico, and a recent MSc graduate of Wageningen University. Soon I have to leave the student room I am living in due to terms and conditions (before 31 Aug!!!). I am looking for a place to stay (for at least 1 month) in Wageningen or anywhere around (Bennekom, Renkum, Ede, Rhenen, etc.), starting from late August until end of September. I am clean, tidy, quiet, committed to house rules, respectful and helper. I don’t smoke and don’t snore. I have no preference on the property type or room size, as long as I can have a space to rest and sleep. My top budget is € 350. As gratitude or extra-pay, I can offer you help in anything needed like cooking, cleaning, taking care of pets (if any), fix your bike, wash your car, etc.. I am sociable, open-minded, patient, and enthusiastic. Other things I can offer you is teaching Spanish or English, drawing, and some knowledge of my academic expertise and interests (agriculture, history, etc.). On my free time I go out for running or walking, watch news and learn new topics in YouTube, read and listen to podcasts. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have something for me. Thank you in advance. E-mail and reply with number 331[Submitted:03-08-2020]
  • Ik ben a.s. student Bos- en Natuurbeheer. Ik ben van plan een succes te maken van mijn studie, en tegelijk nieuwe vrienden maken om samen mee te studeren en leuke dingen te doen en te organiseren. Ik rook niet, en ik ben niet van plan door te werken tot 3 uur ‘s nachts en ik eet alles wat je maar kunt bedenken. Ik kom uit Almere en zoek dus een kamer per start academisch jaar om meteen een goede start te kunnen maken.E-mail and reply with number 326[Submitted:13-07-2020]
  • Hi, I’m a PhD candidate at Wageningen University starting on 1 October 2020, looking for a studio/self-contained flat in Wageningen from mid September 2020. I’m from Turkey, 34 years old, environmental engineer, very clean & easy going person with no smoking & no pets. Thanks in advance!E-mail and reply with number 325[Submitted:07-07-2020]
  • My name is Raphael,I’m 26 years old, Swiss and going to do my MSc. in Geo Information Science. I have done my BSc. Environmental Engineering in Switzerland with exchange semester in Lebanon and wrote my thesis in an NGO in Cambodia. Before that, I was working in a start up and some other companies. I lived in shared flats all the time during my studies and enjoyed it a lot, therefore searching for a room in a shared flat. I am a sporty, easygoing person, who likes to cook and has a passion for food 🙂Would be a pleasure to meet you beforehand virtually on Skype! 🙂E-mail and reply with number 321[Submitted:10-06-2020]
  • Dear landlord/landlady,My name is Shesar, a master student in Wageningen. My family (wife and one toddler) is coming this summer. Thus, we are looking for a place that is suitable for us, preferably furnished and cost 1000e/month (inclusief). I prefer to move July, but also fine with moving in June. We do not smoke, do not have pet, and never hosted any party as we love to remain quiet and peaceful.If you need more infomation about me, please do not hesitate to contact me E-mail and reply with number 320  [Submitted:26-05-2020]
  • I am looking for a house or an apartment in/near Wageningen from mid-July 2020 onward (from 1 August is also possible, at least for one year). I am going to start working as a lecturer at WUR and will bring my husband with me. We are friendly, clean, and responsible. We do not smoke and do not have pets.
    The maximum rent I am looking for is approx. 1200 euros per month. Thanks in advance E-mail and reply with number 318  [Submitted:18-05-2020]
  • Hi, I‘m Kristina, a recent graduate in Bioengineering from Germany. From 1st of June, I will start working in Renkum. Now I am looking for accommodation from the end of May 2020 in Wageningen or surroundings (preferably a studio/one- or two-room apartment, up to approx. 600 € per month). I am non-smoker and a very responsible, clean, and quiet tenant. Don’t hesitate to contact me and if you require any other information, just let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you! E-mail and reply with number 316 [Submitted:17-04-2020]
  • Hi, I’m Iqbal, been living in Wageningen for 2 years for Master and just started my PhD at WUR. I’m living with my wife and expecting a baby born in August, so I need to move to another house fit for 2 adults and 1 baby. I am looking for a house/flat/apartment with a maximum rental cost €1000 (all bills included) for at least 4 years ahead. I will prefer to move at the beginning of July/end of June, but open to any other previous date. We don’t smoke and don’t have any pets. If you need more information about me, just reach me. E-mail and reply with number 312 [Submitted:05-03-2020]
  • Hi, I’m Suci. I will join WUR as a Master student this September, I’m planning to bring along my husband, and 2 children (6yrs and 10mos). I’m looking for 2-3 rooms apartment in Wageningen with a maximum total rent of € 1000 (all inc). The closer to WUR, the better it’ll be since I’m still nursing my baby. Planning to come at August.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something for us.E-mail and reply with number 311 [Submitted:19-02-2020]
  • Hi, This is Sudip Debnath, second year masters student at Wageningen University. I am looking for a double room in an apartment or a studio room for two persons. My preferred date is from 1st of April but can be earlier. I can provide all of my necessary information and documents. Thanks in advance.E-mail and reply with number 310 [Submitted:19-02-2020]
  • Hi, I am Emmanuel working as a researcher at Wageningen University. I am looking for an apartment for two adults and a baby in and around Wageningen. The most preferred date is from 1st May but open to any other date. I am also open to providing a reference from Wageningen University to support my rental application. Thank you. E-mail and reply with number 309 [Submitted:13-02-2020]
  • Hi, I am Anirban. I am from India, but living in Sweden for four years. I shall be joining WUR as a postdoc from 1st of May 2020. I am looking for a one bedroom apartment (not studio) for at least a year. My wife (Hungarian) will be joining from January 2021. We are non-smokers and do not have pets. We are tidy, friendly and quiet tenants. Our budget is up to 1000 € including utilities. We are very happy to provide references from our current landlord. Thank you in advance!E-mail and reply with number 308 [Submitted:12-02-2020]
  • My husband and I are looking for a house or an apartment in/near Wageningen from 1 Jun 2020 onward (at least for one year). I am going to start working as a lecturer at WUR and will bring my husband with me. We are friendly, clean, and responsible. We do not smoke and do not have pets. Thanks in advance.E-mail and reply with number 306 [Submitted:03-02-2020]
  • Hello my name is Muhammedamin (Amin). I am looking for a family house or appartment. Anywhere in Gelderland. Per 1st of December. Please contact me if you have any suggestions. E-mail and reply with number 293 [Submitted:25-10-19]