On this page househunters introduce themselves. If you think you have a suitable place for one of them, you can send us an email or call us and we will inform the househunter. Then the househunter can contact you directly and the contact will continue without our interference.
If you are a househunter you can send us an email with the text for your advertisement and we will put it on this page.
Op deze pagina stellen woningzoekenden (househunters) zich voor. Als je denkt dat je een geschikte woonruimte voor één van hen hebt, kun je ons een e-mail sturen of ons bellen. Dan informeren wij de betreffende househunter(s). Vervolgens kan de househunter rechtstreeks contact met je opnemen en dan verloopt verder contact tussen jullie zonder onze tussenkomst.
Ben je een woningzoekende (househunter) dan kun je ons een e-mail met de tekst voor jouw advertentie sturen en we kunnen die dan op deze pagina plaatsen. Het is mogelijk een tweetalige (Engels en Nederlands) tekst aan te leveren.



  • Hi, my name is Diego and I am a 22 year-old Spanish student. I will arrive at Wageningen in February in order to start my MSc in Environmental Science and I am looking for housing, I love meeting new people, so It would be great to share a house with other students and have a great time. I am a non-smoker, a tidy person, quite social and I love animals and nature. I also love watching TV series, movies, reading and travelling. If you like what you are reading and know of some available place, do not hesitate to contact me!
    Hope to hear from you! E-mail and reply with number 237 [Submitted: 14-01-19]
  • Hi, I’m Tessa an incoming international MSC student from Singapore coming into WUR from Feb 2019 until Feb 2021. I’m looking for a furnished room, preferably in a shared flat in Wageningen if possible. I’ve stayed in a hostel/dorm before and am familiar with shared housing rules. I’m a neat and tidy person who like getting to know new people but occasionally appreciates having some quiet time. If possible I would like to rent the room for the whole duration of my study, if not 6 months would be great. Do let me know if you have a room available, thank you!E-mail and reply with number 236 [Submitted: 14-01-19]
  • Hi! We are David (23 years old) and Raquel (21 years old)! We are students from Porto (Portugal) coming to stay in Wageningen for an internship. from 11 Feb to 31 August. For this reason, we are looking for two furnished rooms, preferably in a shared flat with other students! We are tidy and clean, quiet and non-smoking. Please contact us if you have any recommendations or if you want to know more about us.Thank you in advance! E-mail and reply with number 235 [Submitted: 08-01-19]
  • Hi! I’m Fabio, I’m 25 years old and I come from Italy. I attend a master’s degree in Economics of Environment at the University of Siena and I will come to Wageningen for an Erasmus Exchange. For this reason, I’m looking for a room from February to July. Since I started University I have always lived in a shared apartment, with other students, therefore I know the basic rules for a quiet and lovely cohabitation. Also, I’m very peaceful, clean and kind. If you want, I’m available for a Skype call. Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day! E-mail and reply with number 234 [Submitted: 08-01-19]
  • Hello, my name is Timothée, I’m from Paris and I’m going to study for a semester in Wageningen as part of my Master in Agroecology. Therefore I’m looking for an accomodation from February to June 2019, preferably in a flatshare with interactive people. Indeed, I love spending time with my community, gardening, talking, crafting, climbing, playing music (rap & drum) and boardgames, going out to explore the city as well as chilling in the living room, watching movies and having dinner all together. I’m totally fine with pets and I don’t smoke. I’m easy living, friendly, respectful and I’m used to live in flatshare. Thanks for your attention!   E-mail and reply with number 233 [Submitted: 03-01-19]
  • Hi, I am a Britalian (half British, half Italian) student coming to Wageningen to start my Master’s in Biology from February 15th 2019. Although I will be in Wageningen for 2 years, I would also be happy to find a room/ apartment for a shorter period of time, as a temporary measure. I am very adaptable, as I have already lived in Italy, Wales, and Sweden. I am 23 years old and love plants and animals. In my free time, I paint and read. I don’t smoke. Looking forward to hearing from you! Isabel.  E-mail and reply with number 231 [Submitted: 02-01-19]
  • Hoi! We are Antonia and Bent, both 25 years old, married. We are looking for an accommodation from early-mid January for about one year in the area of Wageningen (Ede, Bennekom, Randwijk, Rhenen, Renkum). 30-50 m2 would be optimal and the rent should not exceed 710€ (excl. service costs). We are open minded, friendly, quiet, non-smoking, German Master students without animal allergies. Best regards!  E-mail and reply with number 228  [Submitted: 13-12-18]
  • We are three Dutch Biology Master students (21/22/24 years old) of Wageningen University looking for a place to stay in (surrounding area of) Wageningen from February 2019 and onwards. Furthermore, we are looking for a three or four separate-bedroom-house or apartment (with or without furniture) with preferably the allowance of pets (cat). We are clean, quiet and non-smoking and looking for an affordable price of maximum 1400 euro rent per month. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Chantal, Corné and Mari-Lee  E-mail and reply with number 227  [Submitted: 26-11-18]

  • Hi. I am a Danish master student going on exchange in Wageningen in the spring semester of 2019 (February – July 2019) to study a semester in Food Technology, and I’m searching for a room to rent for the period. I am a happy, easy-going, friendly, non-smoker, non-partying, sporty/active person. I primarily use my time studying and doing sports. I hope you want to help a fellow student. Best regards, Mette. E-mail and reply with number 225  [Submitted: 15-11-18]
  • My name is Christos and i am from Greece. I am starting my PhD at WUR, and I am looking to rent a room or a small apartment from early March. I could also share with 1 or 2 people. I am clean, quiet and easy going. Kind regards, Christos. E-mail and reply with number 224  [Submitted: 15-11-18]
  • I am searching for any kind of housing in Wageningen or nearby between 16.02.2019 and 13.08.2019. Referring to housing I am very open to uncommon opportunities (f. ex. Housesitting, housing for help, co-housing,…) but also a „normal“ student room or living community would be perfect. If you can provide something like that or if you know someone who maybe could, please let me know. Currently I am studying horticultural science in Berlin (Germany). I will spend an exchange semester at Wageningen between period 4 and 6, my name is Samuel and I am 22 years old. E-mail and reply with number 223    [Submitted: 09-11-18]
  • My name is Chunjie, I am a female PhD from China. This is my last year in my PhD, I want to rent a room for one year from early December 2018. I would like a quiet place close to the campus, and may share the facilities with 2-3 people. My budget for the rent is 300-375 euros. E-mail and reply with number 222  [Submitted: 07-11-18]
  • Hello, my name is Kaiyi Wu, a PhD student from China. I plan to reach Wageningen at 10-01-2019 and would like to rent a single room or small apartment. I could share with 1 or 2 people, and I hope I will get the best help from you all. Kind regards,Kaiyi Wu E-mail and reply with number 220  [Submitted: 05-11-18]

  • I am Varsha Sethuraman from India, currently pursuing my Master’s in Climate studies in Wageningen University. I currently live at Nano Socius with 23 other people. I like the people I am living with right now but I do not like the place I live in. I am desperately looking for a new place to live in. Preferably with 3-4 students and a clean environment to live at. I am an out going and tidy person and love cooking. I enjoy learning about new cultures and other things. I like a balance of academics and social life. But there are days that I prefer to quietly watch a movie over the weekends.My budget for a room would be between 300-350 euros, all inclusive. E-mail and reply with number 219  [Submitted: 02-11-18]
  • Hello, my name is Sarah , I’m 23 and from Ireland. I’m moving to Wageningen in January to start my masters in Environmental Science in February and am looking for a room to rent for the year.My budget is €300-€400and I promise i’m a clean and fun housemate. I have landlord references available upon request , as well  very willing former housemates who will tell you how easy I am to live with!I’m friendly and  laid back and would love to move in with some cool people to make my masters year great. Hit me up if you think you have anything that would suit me.Thanks! E-mail and reply with number 218  [Submitted: 31-10-18]
  • Hello, my name is Chih-Yin, a PhD student from Taiwan. My wife and I are looking for a place to rent where two persons can lawfully register in the municipality of Wageningen or Bennekom.My wife is a master student in WUR. We are looking for a place starting anytime before November, the earlier the better, and planning to stay for at least half a year and possibly more than a year E-mail and reply with number 216  [Submitted: 08-10-18]
  • Hi, I am Zhou Ying, a visiting scholar of Wageningen University in the Microbial Ecology Group, Laboratory of Microbiology, at Wageningen University. I would like to rent an apartment for me and my son, who is 8 years old. He will study at the OBS DE Wereld school.I plan to reach Wageningen at 10-12-2018, and I am looking to for an apartment in between my working place and his school before I arrive. Kind Regards,Zhou Ying E-mail and reply with number 215  [Submitted: 08-10-18]
  • Hello, my name is Michelle and my fiance and I are looking for a 3 room (2 bedroom) house or apartment to rent in Wageningen. We are both from the US and are postdocs at WUR. We are looking for a place starting in January 2019. Thank you for your help!E-mail and reply with number 214  [Submitted: 02-10-18]
  • My name is Luiz Gustavo Moretti, I’m 28 years old and I’m Brazilian. I’ll be staying in Wageningen from February to December 2019 (10 months). I’m going to be part of my PhD project at the NIOO (Netherlands Institute of Ecology). I’m looking for single room, or small apartment. Short quiet place, I’m very organized, and very sociable I can share with 2 more people. I have a letter of recommendation from NIOO. E-mail and reply with number 212  [Submitted: 01-10-18]
  • Hello there, I am Anup Sharma from India, and currently I am studying my MSc Organic Agriculture in Wageningen University. Actually, due to my late visa approval I could not be able to get a good room and currently I am staying at Socius Nano where I have to share everything with more than 20 people. I am very helpful and interactive and always try to help everyone when there is something to do and I love to talk with new people and enjoy travelling. But now I wanted to have a room with self contained facilities before October 2018 or atleast if I can get a room where I can share with alteast 3 or 4 people. I would be happy to live in. Please help me as I am new to this place and I don’t have any source to find a good accommodation place. I hope that I will get the best possible help from u all. Hoping to meet you all and please email me if you could help me out from this situation E-mail and reply with number 210  [Submitted: 18-09-18]
  • Dag! Wij zijn een internationale familie (ouders, zoontje (3 jaar) en een kat) en zoeken voor de periode van 1 januari 2019 t/m 15 juli 2019 (+-6 maanden) een tijdelijke woning in Wageningen. Omdat wij maar tijdelijk hier verblijven ivm wetenschappelijk onderzoek, willen we liefst een gemeubileerde woning huren – een tuin zou natuurlijk ook heel mooi zijn. Als u iets weet, dan horen wij graag van u. Wij zijn nu al in Wageningen en komen ons ook graag persoonlijk voorstellen. Met vriendelijke groet, Olivia, Baba en Dimas
    Hello! We are a cosmopolitan family (parents, one son (3 years) and a cat) and we are looking for a temporary flat for the period between 1 January 2019 and 15 July 2019 (+- 6 months). Since we will only stay here temporarily in connection with an academic research project, we are looking for a furnished flat. A garden would be a big plus! If you do know something, please do not hesitate to contact us. Since we are already staying in Wageningen at the moment, we would be more than happy to introduce ourselves personally. Best wishes, Olivia, Baba and Dimas E-mail and reply with number 211  [Submitted: 20-09-18]