On this page househunters introduce themselves. If you think you have a suitable place for one of them, you can send us an email or call us and we will inform the househunter. Then the househunter can contact you directly and the contact will continue without our interference.
If you are a househunter you can send us an email with the text for your advertisement and we will put it on this page.
Op deze pagina stellen woningzoekenden (househunters) zich voor. Als je denkt dat je een geschikte woonruimte voor één van hen hebt, kun je ons een e-mail sturen of ons bellen. Dan informeren wij de betreffende househunter(s). Vervolgens kan de househunter rechtstreeks contact met je opnemen en dan verloopt verder contact tussen jullie zonder onze tussenkomst.
Ben je een woningzoekende (househunter) dan kun je ons een e-mail met de tekst voor jouw advertentie sturen en we kunnen die dan op deze pagina plaatsen. Het is mogelijk een tweetalige (Engels en Nederlands) tekst aan te leveren.



  • Hi, I am Emmanuel working as a researcher at Wageningen University. I am looking for an apartment for two adults and a baby in and around Wageningen. The most preferred date is from 1st May but open to any other date. I am also open to providing a reference from Wageningen University to support my rental application. Thank you. E-mail and reply with number 309 [Submitted:13-02-2020]
  • Hi, I am Anirban. I am from India, but living in Sweden for four years. I shall be joining WUR as a postdoc from 1st of May 2020. I am looking for a one bedroom apartment (not studio) for at least a year. My wife (Hungarian) will be joining from January 2021. We are non-smokers and do not have pets. We are tidy, friendly and quiet tenants. Our budget is up to 1000 € including utilities. We are very happy to provide references from our current landlord. Thank you in advance!E-mail and reply with number 308 [Submitted:12-02-2020]
  • NL: Voor een periode van vier maanden (1 mei – 1 september) zoek ik gemeubileerde woonruimte voor mij, mijn man, en mijn zoon (2). We wonen in het buitenland en komen voor de bevalling van ons tweede kind tijdelijk naar Wageningen.
    EN: We are looking for temporary furnished housing from 1 May – 1 September for our little family, me, my husband and our 2 year old son. We expect our 2nd baby in June. We are living abroad but will be in the Netherlands during the delivery and maternity leave. E-mail and reply with number 307 [Submitted:06-02-2020]
  • My husband and I are looking for a house or an apartment in/near Wageningen from 1 Jun 2020 onward (at least for one year). I am going to start working as a lecturer at WUR and will bring my husband with me. We are friendly, clean, and responsible. We do not smoke and do not have pets. Thanks in advance.E-mail and reply with number 306 [Submitted:03-02-2020]
  • Hello, I am Nilson Junior, Ph.D. student in Brazil and I will start an internship at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The period of Ph.D. sandwich is 1 March 2020 until 28 February 2021. I will take my wife with me and We are looking for housing near WUR. I would like to know if you already rented your studio? Is it allowed registration of the housing? We are a friendly, clean, respectful, and quiet tenants and We will be happy to hear from you! E-mail and reply with number 305 [Submitted:10-01-2020]
  • We are two WUR master students (an italian guy and a spanish girl) who are looking for a house or an apartment in Wageningen for more that 12 months (two years approximately). We are responsible and clean people who have been living as off-site students for years. We started our master last September and now we are looking for an apartment with 2+ bedrooms in Wageningen city centre or close to campus with no other special requirements. We are flexible with the price and we are available at any time for a visit or to discuss. For any helpful information don’t hesitate to get in touch.E-mail and reply with number 304 [Submitted:06-01-2020]
  • Hi, my name is Piyali. I am originally from India, however, have been living in Australia and the US over the last five years. I will be joining WUR as a Research Scientist from February 2020. I am looking for a furnished studio/room for a period of 4-6 months/longer. I don’t mind sharing the house/apartment with one more person, preferably female. I am a laid-back, relaxed person and love socializing. I have been living in shared accommodation for a while now and have never had any issues.E-mail and reply with number 303 [Submitted:06-01-2020]
  • Hallo, Ik ben Floor Huisman, een 31-jarige archeologe, oorspronkelijk uit Nederland. Ik woon momenteel in Engeland waar ik heb gestudeerd en ben gepromoveerd,  vanaf 1 maart heb ik een baan als Research Assistant bij de WUR. Omdat ik al c. 5 jaar zelfstandig woon ben ik op zoek naar een ongemeubileerd appartement/flat/huis in of nabij Wageningen (binnen een straal van 15-20 km). Ik zou graag eind februari naar Nederland willen verhuizen. Ik ben sociaal, netjes, schoon en ik rook niet. Ik ben graag buiten, waar ik hardloop, fiets, wandel of tuinier. Daarnaast bezoek ik graag musea, het theater of de bioscoop en kook ik graag voor vrienden en familie, Mijn huidige huisbaas en oud-huisgenoten zijn bereid referenties te leveren mocht dit nodig zijn. Alle tips over geschikte woonruimte zijn welkom; ik hoor graag van u!  E-mail and reply with number 302 [Submitted:02-01-2020]EN: Hello, I’m Floor Huisman, a 31 year old archaeologist from the Netherlands. I currently live in the UK, where I studied and completed my PhD, but from the 1st of March I’ll start working as a Research Assistant at WUR. As I have lived independently for the last 5 years, I am looking for an unfurnished apartment/flat/house in or around Wageningen (within a 15-20 kilometre radius), I’m keen to move to the Netherlands in the second half of February. I’m very social, tidy and clean, and I don’t smoke. I love the outdoors, where I cycle, run. walk, or spend time in the garden. I also enjoy visiting museums, the theatre or cinema and I love cooking for friends or family. My current landlord and former housemates are happy to provide references if necessary. Any tips about suitable accommodation are welcome; I look forward to hearing from you! E-mail and reply with number 302 [Submitted:02-01-2020]
  • Hello, I am Marcello, an italian 21 years old male student coming to Wageningen in next February to start my Master. If you have a room available since that moment for maximum 400 euro and you would like to have a friendly, clean, respectful, and quiet tenant i would be happy for hearing from you! E-mail and reply with number 301 [Submitted:17-12-19]
  • I am Loukas Anagnou. I am arriving on 22 of January and I am looking for a room to rent can you help me price 300 until 400 450. E-mail and reply with number 299 [Submitted:13-12-19]
  • Hello. I am Mariana Scarlato from Uruguay. I am doing my PhD in the WUR and I will travel with my family (partner and two little daughters, 2 and 4 years old) from mid of March to ends of May 2020. So I am looking for a furnished house/apartment in or near Wageningen. This would be our second time in Wageningen. If you want to have an opinion about us I could give you the contact of the previous owner of the house we rented.I Will appreciatte any offer. Thanks!E-mail and reply with number 298 [Submitted:11-12-19]
  • Hello,My name is Esteri, I´m a 24 year-old girl from Finland and I´m looking for accommodation in Wageningen. I am moving here after a PhD position I recently got offered at the laboratory of Biophysics at WUR. I am starting my PhD studies on the first of February, and would therefore need an apartment before that (but I´m flexible with the dates). The ideal apartment would be located near the city centre, or close to WUR. I would prefer a 1-bedroom apartment, but a 2-bedroom, or a bigger studio would also be absolutely perfect!
    I am a tidy, non-smoking person and I have no pets. I´m an active person and I love to do outdoor sports such as climbing and jogging. I enjoy spending time with friends, and I am easy to get along with. I have lived in Dublin studying for my BSc degree at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology). After my time in Dublin, I moved to Gothenburg (Sweden) and did my MSc in Molecular Biology at the University of Gothenburg. For the past half a year I´ve lived in Stockholm working as a laboratory manager in cancer research at Karolinska Institutet. And now I am starting my PhD studies in Wageningen.
    I can assure that I would be a reliable tenant who would keep the apartment tidy and organised. I am a clean person who prefers to have her home organized and in order. I´m looking for a peaceful environment to call home so that I can fully focus on my PhD studies for the next 4 years. My budget for the rent would be around 700 euros, preferably including utilities. I´m really looking forward to starting my life here in Wageningen, so if you would have a place to offer for me, please get in touch! I happily provide work references or more information about myself in case that would improve my chances in finding a place!
    Thank you in advance!E-mail and reply with number 297 [Submitted:02-12-19]
  • I am Zhao Zhang and looking for proper housing for my family (2 adults, one 2-year-old kid). We do not smoke and no pets as well. I am originally from China, and was living in the Netherlands for 11 years previously. Since January of 2020, I will be back to Wageningen and work as a research scientist in the University. We are looking for at least 2 bedroom house/apartment in Wageningen/Bennekom. Our maximum budget is 1300 € per month. I would like to move to the property from the middle of January to the 1st of February (negotiable).E-mail and reply with number 296 [Submitted:26-11-19]
  • Hello, I’m Yuting. After staying in the Netherlands for 10 years, I just moved to Wageningen for a new job at the university as a lecturer and researcher. I’m quiet, tidy, simple, relaxed, communicative and considerate, all good reviews from my previous stay. I don’t smoke nor drink, no pets either. I can speak some Dutch if that helps with the communication. I’m looking for a studio or apartment or room for myself, preferably a furnished one close to the univeristy. Registration is needed! Starting date can be flexible, renting period could be from 4 months to a year. In case you have a good sweet home, I’m happy to step in. Thanks!  E-mail and reply with number 295 [Submitted:15-11-19]
  • Hello my name is Muhammedamin (Amin). I am looking for a family house or appartment. Anywhere in Gelderland. Per 1st of December. Please contact me if you have any suggestions. E-mail and reply with number 293 [Submitted:25-10-19]
  • Hey ! We are a friendly Dutch/Belgian couple looking for an apartment in Wageningen. We are both in our final year of the bachelor Biology and thinking of doing our masters here too. We don’t have a lot of wishes,  one or two bedroom apartment  in Wageningen with a maximum total rent of € 1000. If you have something for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us . Thank you in advance! E-mail and reply with number 291 [Submitted:11-10-19]
  • Hello, I’m Omotola, a PhD student at Wageningen University and Research. I’m looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment that can accommodate me and my husband with our 3-year old daughter. We are young and friendly family from Nigeria, trying to settle into the new life in Wageningen. Our budget is between 700 – 900 Euros. Please let me know if you have anything suitable for us, as we need it as soon as possible. Thank you very much. E-mail and reply with number 288 [Submitted:03-10-19]
  • I am Rekha, an incoming postdoc researcher at WUR, Wageningen looking for a studio/single bedroom/double bedroom apartment for me and my husband starting from November for a year or less. We both are originally from India, 34,36 years old, currently working in the USA. Our budget for the rent is 500 – 900 including utilities. We love to read, cook, travel, play tennis and music. Please let me know if you have anything suitable for us. Even a room in a shared apartment for short term (1-3 months) will do. Thank you so much!”E-mail and reply with number 287 [Submitted:01-10-19]
  • Hello, I am Vasudevan, 29 years old, originally from India but living in the Netherlands for 8 years in the Delft area. I am looking for a studio/apartment in Wageningen starting from November 2019 for a minimum period of 3 months (preferably longer). I will be working at Unilever R&D. I am a clean, non-smoking person and have no pets. I love to read, cook, do sports, fitness and music. I enjoy good conversations and am friendly to talk to. I don’t organize loud parties at my house so you can be assured that the place will be maintained well. My budget for the rent is between 700 – 900 including utilities. I don’t mind if it is a little higher. If you have a place to offer, please get in touch.Thanks a lot in advance!E-mail and reply with number 286 [Submitted:30-09-19]
  • I am Ignacio Paparamborda, 36 years old, from Uruguay. I am a sandwich PhD student from Wageningen. I have a wife and two daughters, but this time I am doing a brief stay alone. I am looking for a place to stay in Wageningen from October 14th to November 18th 2019. Could be a small apartment or a room in a shared, but quite, place. If you have any offer please contact me. Thanks in advance. E-mail and reply with number 285 [Submitted:26-09-19]
  • Hello, we are looking for an apartment for 2 adults and a baby (6 month old) for a period of 2 years in Wageningen or the neighbourhood (maximum 10km). We are all from Vietnam and will start our new life in Wageningen from November 2019. My wife and I will both work full-time at the university. The apartment should preferably have at least one bedroom, cooking facilities (cookers, wash basin, fridge), bathroom and toilet with a washing machine and the price is 1000 euros/ month maximum (including gas, electricity, water, internet). If you have a place to offer, please contact us by email. Kind regards, Le.  E-mail and reply with number 284 [Submitted:26-09-19]
  • Hi, we are two young professionals (Braulio Rodriguez from Ecuador and Onkar Pratik from India) working for Unilever in Wageningen. We are looking for accommodations in Wageningen for a minimum rental period of one year, in a price range up to 1000 EU. The place preferably should have two bedrooms in addition to cooking facilities, bathroom and laundry. If you think you have a suitable place for us, please contact us. Thanks,Braulio E-mail and reply with number 282 [Submitted:24-09-19]
  • Hello! My name is Itziar, a 24 years old Basque lady, currently looking for a room in a shared flat or studio in Wageningen / surrounding villages. I will start working in a tree consultancy in October, so I am looking for a nice place to live from the begining of the month onwards (late September is also fine). I am very easy-going and independent, I love being outdoors and I adapt well to new settings. Ohh, and I would love to practice some Dutch with my flatmates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you know of any housing options! Dank je wel E-mail and reply with number 281 [Submitted:10-09-19]
  • My name is Emily Awuor Okello, I am a Kenyan female student wishing to come to WUR as a guest researcher. Therefore, I am looking for affordable accommodation between €300 to €400 as from 3 November 2019 to 31 January, 2020. Anyone with available room please let me know. E-mail and reply with number 279 [Submitted:02-09-19]
  • Hi! I would like to introduce myself at first. My name is Yurdanur Yılmaz and I am from Turkey. I will start PhD at Wageningen University at the beginning of September. So I am looking for a room preferably in a shared apartment with female homemates or a small flat where I can live by myself. My rent budget is maximum 600€. I also want to explain myself as a housemate. I am a tidy, open-minded, smiling and friendly girl. I really like having fun and spending time with my friends. Moreover, I can easily adapt to live in a new country as I went to Ireland to do my Erasmus internship.If you have any room offer for me, please let me know! I am looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes, Yurdy E-mail and reply with number 276 [Submitted:19-08-19]
  • Hello! I am Simon Koetsier, 18 years old and I will be studying plant sciences starting in September. I’m dutch, but I speak English as well. I’m looking for a room I can live in for as long as possible, but I will gladly accept a room available for a few months too. I am a non-smoker and a vegetarian. I like planting seeds, philosophy and playing all kinds of games, including sports. I am a rather calm guy, who doesn’t party much and doesn’t drink much either. Any help is very much appreciated! E-mail and reply with number 270 [Submitted:19-07-19]
  • Bonjour!My name is Agnès, I am a French Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture, currently living in Scotland but due to start my new position at the Wageningen University this September 2019. I am looking for a flat I can call my home for at least the first year of my appointment, while I get to know the Netherlands better, but also perhaps for ever! I am quite quiet and tend to keep to myself, particularly during term time when teaching requires all my attention, but I am also very friendly, considerate and tidy. I don;t smoke nor do I have pets. I am hoping to move into my new place towards the end of August so let me know if it sounds like you’ve got the perfect place for me!! E-mail and reply with number 267 [Submitted:01-07-19]
  • Hello! My name’s Antonio and I am an Italian master level student from Milan. I’m 26 years old and I’m going to be in Wageningen for one semester for my Erasmus exchange, so I’m looking for a room from the end of August/September until February 2020. I’m going to take courses within the Management, Economics and Consumer Studies Master and I ‘m looking forward to meeting new people during my first experience in The Netherlands. I consider myself an easy going and tidy person, always ready to have a good time with new people. I enjoy listening to a lot of different music, I collect vinyls and CDs and I love going to concerts or any other kind of event. I speak English but I wan to try to learn a little bit of Dutch when I’ll be there!  E-mail and reply with number 265 [Submitted:28-06-19]
  • Hi, my name is Thomas Slootmans and I am a 23 year-old South African student. I will arrive in Wageningen in mid-August to start my Masters in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. I am looking for accommodation and would prefer to share a house or an apartment with other senior students. I completed my BSc Animal Science at Stellenbosch University and really enjoyed sharing accommodation for the 4 years I was there. I like an environment where the house mates enjoy each others’ company and will from time to time socialise together either sharing a meal, watching a movie/TV or having drinks. I am a non-smoker, tidy and easy to get along with. I am a social person that enjoys sport (cycling, kite surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, rugby, soccer), nature, the outdoors and traveling. I am looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new places and learning more about my Dutch heritage (I would like to learn to speak Dutch). Any help will be much appreciated! E-mail and reply with number 259 [Submitted:24-05-19]
  • Hallo mijn naam is Sally Hovden, 21 jaar oud. Werkzaam bij Jumbo, Wageningen (32 uur p.w.). Sinds dit jaar ben ik geslaagd voor mijn opleiding. Nu ben ik al een tijdje opzoek naar een kamer in Wageningen. Het liefst dicht bij de stad. Ik vind het niet erg om de badkamer en de keuken te delen (het liefst met vrouwen). Verder ben ik bereid om maxmiaal 450,- te betalen. Ik heb geen voorkeur voor talen, ik spreek Nederlands en Engels. Als je tips hebt of er komt een kamer vrij of  iemand die en kamer verhuurd kun je contact opnemen. EN: Hello, I am Sally, 21 year old girl, looking for a room in Wageningen. I can share bathroom and kitchen (preferably with female housemates). The maximum rent I can afford is 450,- per month. I work at Jumbo (32hours p.w.) E-mail and reply with number 258 [Submitted:23-05-19]
  • Hello! We are a Lithuanian/Belgian couple and we are looking for a place to live starting from the 1st of July. Jens is a full-time employee at OGD company and I am a second year Master Medical Biotechnology student at Wageningen University. We are calm, non-smoking and loving board games people. We are searching for a studio or a tiny apartment where we would have our own bathroom and kitchen. Our budget is 600 euros per month including utilities. We would prefer to be within cycling distance from Wageningen University. If you have any suggestions or offers, please let us know. E-mail and reply with number 255 [Submitted: 16-05-19]
  • Hello! We are a Welsh/Dutch couple looking for a place to live as we start our masters in September 2019. Steff is starting MSc Environmental Science and Ravi will be doing the Forest and Nature Conservation program. We are an easy-going, non-smoking and fun-loving pair of people. We are looking for a studio/apartment a little bigger than just one student room, our budget is limited to around 700 p/month including utilities, we don’t mind sharing common areas with others and would like to be within cycling distance from the university. If you know of anything out there please reach out to us, househunting is proving a little tricky from abroad and any help would be much appreciated :) E-mail and reply with number 252 [Submitted: 18-04-19]