On this page househunters introduce themselves. If you think you have a suitable place for one of them, you can send us an email or call us and we will inform the househunter. Then the househunter can contact you directly and the contact will continue without our interference.
If you are a househunter you can send us an email with the text for your advertisement and we will put it on this page.
Op deze pagina stellen woningzoekenden (househunters) zich voor. Als je denkt dat je een geschikte woonruimte voor één van hen hebt, kun je ons een e-mail sturen of ons bellen. Dan informeren wij de betreffende househunter(s). Vervolgens kan de househunter rechtstreeks contact met je opnemen en dan verloopt verder contact tussen jullie zonder onze tussenkomst.
Ben je een woningzoekende (househunter) dan kun je ons een e-mail met de tekst voor jouw advertentie sturen en we kunnen die dan op deze pagina plaatsen. Het is mogelijk een tweetalige (Engels en Nederlands) tekst aan te leveren.



    • Hello, my name is Céline, I’m a 20 years old Belgian student living around Brussels. I just obtained my bachelor degree in dietetics in Brussels and I’m starting a master in Nutrition and Health in September at the WUR. I like to go climbing, horse riding and to cook and most of all hanging out with friends. I’m looking for a room in Wageningen in a house or student complex with Dutch and international students with who I can spend a good time and study when necessary!!E-mail and reply with number 197  [Submitted: 17-07-18]
    • Hi! I’m Laura, I’m 22 and I come from Italy. I’m coming to Wageningen on the 18th of August and I need a (preferably furnished) room from that day till July 2019. My budget is 350 euros/month. I’m a sociable, adaptable and extrovert girl, I like spending time outside and I can cook very well for my flatmates.Contact me if you are looking for a very good flatmate!E-mail and reply with number 196  [Submitted: 17-07-18]
    • Hello, my name is Larissa, I’m a 27 years old Brazilian living in Denmark since 2016. I’m moving to Wageningen in the second half of September 2018 for a 6-months temporary job at WUR. Therefore, I’m looking for accommodation from September/October 2018 until the end of February 2019, preferably furnished. Briefly about myself – I love to meet people from all around the world, try different food and travel. I like to run, have cozy evenings with friends and drinks, go out sometimes and watch movies. I’m friendly, calm and tidy. Please, feel free to contact me should you have any offer or tips about how to find a place in Wageningen area. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Best wishes, Larissa. E-mail and reply with number 195  [Submitted: 16-07-18]
    • Dear all, my name is Sebastien, a 26 years old PhD student looking for an accommodation in Wageningen or neighbouring cities. From September 2018 on I won’t have any housing any more, hence I am looking for a permanent accommodation for the next ~3 years. I am looking for either shared flat or self contained studio. If you want to know more about me, I am a discrete French guy studying fluid dynamics, I enjoy listening to music and sailing when I can. Thank you, and I look forward hearing from you,Sebastien! E-mail and reply with number 194  [Submitted: 16-07-18]
    • Hi. My Name is Sanket Phadnis and 22 years old. I am from India and completed my Btech in Dairy
      Technology and a future Wageningen student. My education starts from 3th of September 2018 and it will
      get over by August 2020. I am looking for self contained room, preferring a furnished room in
      Wageningen. My budget is about 400€ a month.I wanted the room from 14th August 2018.Happy to hear from
      you. Greetings Sanket.E-mail and reply with number 193  [Submitted: 16-07-18]
    • Hello Everyone!! I am Fabiola (35, Colombian) I am going to study as a PhD at WUR. I am looking for either a place with a few sociable roommates or a fully self-contained room, furnished is preferred. Since I am going to live in Wageningen for the next 4 years, a room from August 22nd 2018 to someday in December could be OK because my husband will arrive on that time, so I will have to look for a place affordable for both. My budget is about 420€ a month (only me), utilities included. About myself: I am obsessively clean (that’s what my brother says), calm, responsible, and no smoker. Some of the things I like the most are: exercising my body with music (Aerobics, Tae-bo), dancing (I am a Salsa expert!), reading, riding on my bicycle and travelling. I also have a passion for cats, nature, and languages, if the roommates can help me learning Dutch, I can help them with Spanish (sounds awesome! Isn´t it?). If you want to know more about me, please let me know and we can have a Skype / WhatsApp call ! E-mail and reply with number 192  [Submitted: 16-07-18]
    • Hi. My Name is Julius and 21 years old. I’m from Germany, a current Bsc. agriculture student and a future Erasmus exchange student. My first period starts at the 3th of September 2018 and the last ends at the 15th of March 2019. I’m looking for any kind of accommodation, preferring a furnished room in Wageningen. My budget is about 400€ a month. I could start renting from August. To my person. I’m social, having abroad living experiences and am adaptable. Happy to hear from you. Greetings Julius E-mail and reply with number 191  [Submitted: 10-07-18]
    • Dear all! I’m Maria Chiara Piro, a 22 years old girl from Italy, and this September I’ll be starting the Master in Plant Biotechnology at Wageningen University. I’m looking for a room/shared apartment to rent from August, since I’d like to attend the AID, and for at least a year; my budget would be about 350€, utilities included. I’m a clean and tidy person and I don’t smoke. Something about my hobbies: I love cooking, especially handmade pasta and risotto, and I enjoy doing sport, I run and practice crossfit and climbing. I also have a passion for languages, I can speak a little Japanese and I’m learning Dutch, so that I’ll feel more at home during my 2 years in The Netherlands. If you think I can be a good tenant/flatmate for you, please contact me! E-mail and reply with number 190  [Submitted: 03-07-18]

    • Hello! My name is Ernst Miltenburg, I am a 22year old Dutch HBO student. I will be following an internship in Wageningen and after my current study I will continue at Wageningen university for a master Biobased Sciences. I am a calm person who usually spends his free time playing guitar or playing videogames with friends. I want to rent a place in Wageningen from right now and I expect to stay for about 4 years. I am looking for either a place with a few sociable roommates or a fully self-contained room. I can take both non-furnished and furnished rooms. I am not a smoker, nor do I have pets. Depending on the possibility for rent subsidy, my budget ranges from 300 to 600 euros a month.Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! E-mail and reply with number 189  [Submitted: 29-06-18]
    • “Hi everyone! My name is Alessandro, I am an Italian Master’s student coming to Wageningen from August 2018 until February 2019 to spend the first semester at WUR. I am currently looking for a room or a shared apartment in Wageningen. I am tidy, quite good at cooking (pizza is my forte!) and not at all noisy. Also, I would really love to get to know new people, both from the Netherlands and/or from other places in the world, and maybe practise a bit of Dutch, since “ik ben student Nederlands!!”. I enjoy having meals together and going out sometimes! Thank you in advance for contacting me in case you have suggestions, or if you know of some available place for me to stay! Tot ziens!! E-mail and reply with number 188  [Submitted: 29-06-18]
    • Hello everyone! I am Marianthi from Greece, a 27 years old prospective Master student of Food Technology at WUR, starting  on September 2018 and for the next two (2) years until around July 2020. I am currently looking for an apartment with private facilities (for 1 female). I would prefer to be in the city center area of Wageningen and I can start renting it in the beginning of August 2018 or whenever there is availability! Thank you so much for contacting me if you have something available! E-mail and reply with number 187  [Submitted: 27-06-18]
    • Dear all! We are two friends, Ana (39, Croatian) and Robert (32, German). We will both be beginning Masters studies in September in International Development Studies and Environmental Sciences. We have known each other for several years during our time spent working in the seafood industry on the west coast of the United States. We are both relatively quiet, clean, responsible and enjoy cooking, sports, reading and drinking tea and coffee. Both of us are non-smokers. We are looking for a two-bedroom plus living-room apartment (furnished or unfurnished) in the Wageningen/Ede area. Our budget is approximately 400 to 500 Euro/month. We would like to rent from mid-August 2018 for one year, with potential to extend to two years depending on internships and practicals. I would appreciate more information about potential fits for our needs.E-mail and reply with number 186  [Submitted: 27-06-18]
    • I am Laura Castanares, Spanish student. Currently I live in The Netherlands and will start my second year of Master. In January I have to move to Wageningen to do my Master Thesis. Would you like to rent your room from end of December 2018 – end of August 2019?If so, please contact me and send some pics of the room and house. I am a clean and responsible person, social and always willing to help. I love music, literature and good white wine, also beer. I am a calm person and like to enjoy cozy evenings having some drinks. I like doing sport and cooking healthy food. My weeks will be Monday to Friday working at WUR and in the weekends I often go to Zeeland, other weekends I will stay in the house. If you want to know more about me, please let me know and we can talk. Best regards,Laura.E-mail and reply with number 185  [Submitted: 27-06-18]
    • Hi all! My name is Abigail and I am a female 27-year old PhD student from Malta. I am looking for a permanent housing for the coming two years and beyond, ideally from 1st September but this can be arranged. I am looking either to share an apartment/house or for people  who would be willing to look for an apartment/house with me. Furnished or unfurnished is ok for me, the priority for me is long-term housing.  Thanks and hope to hear from you! Best, Abigail E-mail and reply with number 184  [Submitted: 26-06-18]
    • Hey everybody! Looking for a new flatmate or someone to subrent your room or studio? Then feel free to contact me, Lukas, prospect German Erasmus student arriving in Wageningen in August until February of next year. I’m going to study Food Technology at WUR, so currently I’m looking for a room.I love to do sports, especially together, I am a rather quiet person but despite am very sociable. I have a thing for cooking and healthy lifestyle, plus I do not smoke and speak a fluent English. I don’t think I’m a complicated person. I’m now living in a shared flat with 4 other flatmates, two boys and two girls, so I think I will not have problems to integrate, but I’m open-minded to try something new. Cheers! E-mail and reply with number 183  [Submitted: 18-06-18]
    • Hi everyone! I’m Marianna, a 20 years old Italian student and I will be in Wageningen from August 2018 to February 2019 for the Erasmus project. I’m looking for a single room in a shared place (apartment or student accommodation) with other students. It must be furnished! The apartment/ room must be close enough to the university and the city center to be able to travel safely by bike or on foot. The all-inclusive cost (with electricity, gas, etc..) around 300-400 would be great.
      Thank you! E-mail and reply with number 182  [Submitted: 18-06-18]
    • Hello! My name is Andrea and I am a male Italian student that is going to attend the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, starting in September. So I’m looking for a room or a house/apartment to share with other international people. Let me know as much as possible! Thanks a lot :) E-mail and reply with number 178  [Submitted: 13-06-18]
    • Hey! This is a nice, happy first year student who’s searching for a student room in Wageningen!I am Merlijn, 18 years old, and I have just finished high school. Next year I’m going to study Molecular Life Sciences at WUR.I’m really looking forward to my student time: I preferably want to share the house with other students to chat, eat and laugh together. If you’re looking for an enthusiastic, thoughtful girl, choose me. Thank you in advance! E-mail and reply with number 177  [Submitted: 11-06-18]
    • My name is Johan. Me and my good friend Caroline are coming to study master courses in biotechnology (food technology and bioanalysis) at WUR this Autumn. We are both non-smokers, open minded and happy people that loves cooking and nature. Any studio or flat in Wageningen would be of interest to us, and preferrably the rent should be under 1000 euros, although depending on the situation, that doesn’t have to be the case. We are 24 and 23 years old and we are looking forward to hear from you, the Active members at Housingdesk! E-mail and reply with number 176  [Submitted: 08-06-18]
    • Hi, my name is Jeppe and I  am in search for a room or a student residence from 9-2018 till I finish my study. Around €300 would be great. E-mail and reply with number 175  [Submitted: 30-05-18]
    • Hello, my name is Caterina. My family (husband, three year old daughter and I) needs a place to stay from September 2018 to December 2018 as my husband will be a visiting scholar at Wageningen University. We need a furnished place. Do you have anything available? What would be the monthly cost? Thank you! E-mail and reply with number 174  [Submitted: 18-05-18]
    • Hello, my name is Michelle and my fiance and I are looking for a 2 bedroom house or apartment to rent in Wageningen or the surrounding towns. We are both from the US and are starting our postdocs at WUR. We are ready to sign a year lease starting in September 2018, but we can sign as early as July 2018 if we find the right place. Thank you for your help! E-mail and reply with number 173  [Submitted: 15-05-18]
    • Hi, my name is Shaun and I am from the U.K. and am looking for a single room for myself to start my degree programme on September 1st. I am looking for a room that is within cycling distance of Wageningen University. If anyone has anything available, please contact me. Thank you in advance! E-mail and reply with number 172  [Submitted: 14-05-18]
    • Hi, My name is Elisa, I am 23 and I am Italian. Together with 2 friends of mine (Olga and Ester) we are looking for 3 bedroom apartment/studio. We will attend the double Degree program at Wageningen University beginning on 3rd of September 2018, we would like to find the suitable place for us since we will come to Wageningen for the AID week on the 17th of August and we will stay for one year and a half. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance! Elisa Bongiolatti. E-mail and reply with number 170  [Submitted: 14-05-18]
    • Hi, My name is Filippo and I’m from Italy. Together with my girlfriend Frida (from Germany) we are looking for a one bedroom apartment/studio suitable for two persons. We will attend two Master programs beginning of September 2018, but we could also start renting from August if we find the right place for us.  E-mail and reply with number 169  [Submitted: 14-04-18]
    • Hi, my name is Revati and I am working in India. I am an external PhD candidate at WUR and will be in Wageningen with my partner from 23rd June till 5th July 2018 for a course at the university. We are looking for a furnished studio or room for that period, located near the Wageningen University or around Leewenborch. Any leads would be very helpful. Thanks in advance! E-mail and reply with number 168  [Submitted: 29-03-18]
    • Hi, My name is Sainur and I am originally from Bangladesh. I am a postdoctoral researcher. I need one/two-bedroom family house for 6 months (till August). If you have any, please contact me. Many thanks! E-mail and reply with number 167  [Submitted: 01-02-18]
    • My name is Giannis Anestis, I’m from Greece and I’m a fresh graduate from the Department of Environment, University of the Aegean at Lesvos. I will be in Wageningen from 27/2/18 until early August, to conduct my internship at the aquatic ecology lab of WUR. Therefore I’m in a big need for a room. I am a friendly, tidy and quiet when need to person, i also enjoy meeting people and having a nice time with them. Please send me an email if you are interested. E-mail and reply with number 166  [Submitted: 23-01-18]
    • Hello, I am Mariana Scarlato from Uruguay. I am a sandwich PhD student of FSE group in WUR. I will do my first stay in The Netherlands from 28th January yo 29th July 2018. I will tavel with my family (husband and two little daughters). I am looking for a furnished house or apartment with 2 bedrooms, near the WUR. We do not have so much time, so I will appreciatte your offer. Thank you in advance. Mariana E-mail and reply with number 165  [Submitted: 18-01-18]
    • Hello! I am Khalid and I am a future student in Wageningen University . My master program will be starting in september 2018. I am married and looking for a studio or apartment with separate facilities.  E-mail and reply with number 163  [Submitted: 21-12-17]