HousingDesk (HD) is a non-commercial housing agency for students and other househunters. When you are looking for a room or if you have living space available, this is the place to be. Many private landlords in Wageningen and its vicinity and nearly all students know HousingDesk. Almost all rooms that become available are also advertised through us and many landlords advertise only through HousingDesk. Many international students, MSc students and Dutch students find a room via HousingDesk. Idealis (social student housing) and WUR also refer their clients to HousingDesk. Except for the HD rent subsidy service all our service and advice is free of charge.

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You can visit HousingDesk in the building with the clock (WUR building 351):

Generaal Foulkesweg 37
6703 BL Wageningen


Opening hours:

NOTE: During summer season from June 4th till August 31st HousingDesk has limited opening hours:
on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00-16.00 o’clock
on Monday, Thursday and Friday: limited opening hours