Price - 500,-
Location -
Property -
Language -
Availability - 1st of March 2018
Area surface - 22m2

We offer an old shed turned into a little cosy home, completely furnished, private entry, your own bathroom, private terrace with small shed and bicycle and a kitchen area with everything you need in a kitchen (we think). It is a quiet, private place for a single person (a visitor every now and then is possible). We have digital tv (small tv) and free WIFI. The €500,- includes washing your dishes and cleaning the room and everything once a week. It doesn’t include Tourist Tax, which you need to pay (€1,29 per night) when you visit Wageningen shorter than 4 months. We prefer guests for a certain period of time (few months). We have cats en chickens running around in our garden; they visit your terrace too.

Interested? Send an email to or call +31 6 23178357