Price - 230,-
Location -
Property -
Language -
Availability - 1st of January
Area surface - 10m2

This house is looking for new housemates. Two, in fact (see also our other advertisement). Here’s the deal: There’ll be a bunch of animals, some of them are shrimps or gerbils, and others are housemates. Sharing stuff: bathrooms, kitchen, how your day went, your love for weird hobbies, your terrible music taste, your enthusiasm for keeping stuff clean. We take food a bit too seriously. We’re foodies really. Oh yeah, and the rooms are pictured below. Room 1 is 10 square meters with a built-in bunk bed (no sink) (230 EUR/month). The room is becoming available the 1st of January. You can probably move in earlier. Do you like what you’re reading? Thinking “Maybe I’ll meet these weirdo’s”?

Please tell us about yourself and why you think you’d fit. We’ll invite you for a hospiteeravond to meet us beginning of December.

Interested? Send an email to