On this page househunters introduce themselves. If you think you have a suitable place for one of them, you can send us an email or call us and we will inform the househunter. Then the househunter can contact you directly and the contact will continue without our interference.
If you are a househunter you can send us an email with the text for your advertisement and we will put it on this page.
Op deze pagina stellen woningzoekenden (househunters) zich voor. Als je denkt dat je een geschikte woonruimte voor één van hen hebt, kun je ons een e-mail sturen of ons bellen. Dan informeren wij de betreffende househunter(s). Vervolgens kan de househunter rechtstreeks contact met je opnemen en dan verloopt verder contact tussen jullie zonder onze tussenkomst.
Ben je een woningzoekende (househunter) dan kun je ons een e-mail met de tekst voor jouw advertentie sturen en we kunnen die dan op deze pagina plaatsen. Het is mogelijk een tweetalige (Engels en Nederlands) tekst aan te leveren.


  • Hi! My name’s James and I am an Irish student who will be coming to Wageningen on erasmus for approx 1 year on the 15th of August 2019. I am desperately trying to organize student accommodation at the moment. I am studying environmental science in Cork, in the south of Ireland. I am an English speaker but will also try to learn dutch while I am there. I am a clean and tidy housemate who is used to living with other students.I enjoy cooking, cycling, watching movies, and I love the sun hahah. I know most people prefer to meet new housemates in person but I would be happy to skype if you wanted! I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you. E-mail and reply with number 263 [Submitted:20-06-19]
  • Hi! My name is Abigail and I am a PhD working at WUR. I am 28 years old and originally from Malta. I am looking to rent a room in a shared/house apartment or a stand-alone studio in Wageningen and surrounding areas (Ede, Bennekom etc). I am friendly, don’t smoke, have no pets (but love animals). I am looking to stay long-term to finish the rest of my PhD.  I am looking to move in around July but I am flexible about the dates! E-mail and reply with number 262[Submitted:04-06-19]
  • Hello, I’m Joongseob from South Korea. I’m a prospective master’s student at Wageningen University & Research and looking for proper housing for my family(2 adults, 1-year-old baby). We would stay for more than 24 months from July/August 2019. We are looking for at least 3 rooms(2 bedrooms) furnished house/apartment near Wageningen University & Research (not farther than 5 km)And our maximum budget is 1300 € per month including utilities(Gas, electricity, water, heating, and internet).Thank you in advance!E-mail and reply with number 261[Submitted:04-06-19]
  • Hey! I’m Djuna, 25 years old and working in Utrecht. However, I really want to continue living in Wageningen, because this place feels like home. I am looking for an independent apartment with its own bathroom, kitchen and preferably a separate bedroom. Preferably in Wageningen, otherwise Rhenen, Renkum or Bennekom. My budget is a maximum of 700 including GWE. I am tidy but would like to have a cat, so looking for a place where that would be no problem. Every tip is welcome. Thanks in advance!E-mail and reply with number 260 [Submitted:03-06-19]
  • Hi, my name is Thomas Slootmans and I am a 23 year-old South African student. I will arrive in Wageningen in mid-August to start my Masters in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. I am looking for accommodation and would prefer to share a house or an apartment with other senior students. I completed my BSc Animal Science at Stellenbosch University and really enjoyed sharing accommodation for the 4 years I was there. I like an environment where the house mates enjoy each others’ company and will from time to time socialise together either sharing a meal, watching a movie/TV or having drinks. I am a non-smoker, tidy and easy to get along with. I am a social person that enjoys sport (cycling, kite surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, rugby, soccer), nature, the outdoors and traveling. I am looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new places and learning more about my Dutch heritage (I would like to learn to speak Dutch). Any help will be much appreciated! E-mail and reply with number 259 [Submitted:24-05-19]
  • Hallo mijn naam is Sally Hovden, 21 jaar oud. Werkzaam bij Jumbo, Wageningen (32 uur p.w.). Sinds dit jaar ben ik geslaagd voor mijn opleiding. Nu ben ik al een tijdje opzoek naar een kamer in Wageningen. Het liefst dicht bij de stad. Ik vind het niet erg om de badkamer en de keuken te delen (het liefst met vrouwen). Verder ben ik bereid om maxmiaal 450,- te betalen. Ik heb geen voorkeur voor talen, ik spreek Nederlands en Engels. Als je tips hebt of er komt een kamer vrij of  iemand die en kamer verhuurd kun je contact opnemen. EN: Hello, I am Sally, 21 year old girl, looking for a room in Wageningen. I can share bathroom and kitchen (preferably with female housemates). The maximum rent I can afford is 450,- per month. I work at Jumbo (32hours p.w.) E-mail and reply with number 258 [Submitted:23-05-19]
  • Icelanders in search for a temporary home! My name is Edward and I am professor and chair of the Cultural Geography Group at WUR, started in February this year. My family will join me here in Wageningen in August and as of 1 September, we are looking for a place to rent for the winter (8-12 months). We are four, me, my wife and two kids (13 and 14 yrs). The kids will go to Marnix College in Ede and therefore anything somehow between Ede and WUR campus would be great. E-mail and reply with number 257 [Submitted:21-05-19]
  • Hello! We are a Lithuanian/Belgian couple and we are looking for a place to live starting from the 1st of July. Jens is a full-time employee at OGD company and I am a second year Master Medical Biotechnology student at Wageningen University. We are calm, non-smoking and loving board games people. We are searching for a studio or a tiny apartment where we would have our own bathroom and kitchen. Our budget is 600 euros per month including utilities. We would prefer to be within cycling distance from Wageningen University. If you have any suggestions or offers, please let us know. E-mail and reply with number 255 [Submitted: 16-05-19]
  • Hello, we are a mixed Dutch/British family with two little boys (4 and 6y old). We are looking for a child-friendly place to stay from the summer (August 2019) onwards for a couple of months; our plan is to look into buying a house once we are in The Netherlands. Most commercial lettings have a minimal rental period of 1 year, but we’d hope to need less time than that. Preferably in Ede/Bennekom/Wageningen, furnished or unfurnished. Rent up to around €1000. NL: Hallo, wij zijn een Brits-Nederlands gezien met twee kleine kinderen (4 en 6 jaar oud). Wij zijn op zoek naar een tijdelijke huurwoning, geschikt voor kleine kinderen, beginnende in of omstreeks augustus dit jaar. Omdat we van plan zijn om een huis te kopen zodra we in Nederland zijn, zouden we liever niet vastzitten aan een jaarcontract. Het liefst omgeving Ede/Bennekom/Wageningen, met een maandelijkse huur tot maximaal rond de €1000.  E-mail and reply with number 254 [Submitted: 10-05-19]
  • Hello! We are a Welsh/Dutch couple looking for a place to live as we start our masters in September 2019. Steff is starting MSc Environmental Science and Ravi will be doing the Forest and Nature Conservation program. We are an easy-going, non-smoking and fun-loving pair of people. We are looking for a studio/apartment a little bigger than just one student room, our budget is limited to around 700 p/month including utilities, we don’t mind sharing common areas with others and would like to be within cycling distance from the university. If you know of anything out there please reach out to us, househunting is proving a little tricky from abroad and any help would be much appreciated :) E-mail and reply with number 252 [Submitted: 18-04-19]
  • Hello! We are 3 Dutch students in search for a appartement/house. Our names are Ayse (21), Jolinda (21) and Sientje (22). We will all start with a Food Technology master at Wageningen University in September of this year. Therefore, we are searching for a place with at least 3 bedrooms. It would be nice to have a place in Wageningen or in a town near, like Ede or Bennekom. If you have anything available or know someone that has anything that matches our description, please contact us. Thank you very much!  E-mail and reply with number 251 [Submitted: 18-04-19]
  • Hello, my name is Morena, I am 33 and I’m from Brazil. I am a chemical engineer, but now I’m studying Human Nutrition Sciences in Italy at the University of Pisa. I’m coming to Wageningen as a part of my master’s thesis from August 2019 until January 2020. I am tidy, non-smoking and easy living. I also love to cook and to run. I’m looking fiercely for a small and self-contained studio for this period. Please contact me if you have any studio or small apartment available. Thank you very much. E-mail and reply with number 250 [Submitted: 21-03-19]
  • Hello, my name is Janneke. I will start with a Master-study in Wageningen in September and I am looking for an apartment/house together with my dutch fiancé (employed with a fix contract as a project engineer) and our dog (medium-sized crossbreed, very calm and well-behaved). We are both 34, calm and tidy. We have a budget of max. ca. 850 Euro incl. g/w/e and servicecosts (my partner would be able to pay this himself, salary certificates are available) and are looking for something with a private kitchen & bathroom of at least 45 m² which is optimally not furnished. Since my partner has to commute, it would be great, if it would be in cycling distance to a train station (Ede-Wageningen, Arnhem or Veenendaal-De Klomp). We are looking forward to your offers! E-mail and reply with number 248 [Submitted: 13-03-19]
  • Hello, my name is Sharmin Akter and I am from Bangladesh. I am a PhD student in Wageningen University and Research. I will work at WUR for 4 months, starting in May,2019 and planning to bring my spouse and daughter ( one year old child) to Wageningen along with me.  I am now looking for a house/apartment/studio to rent started from May,2019. so I’m looking for a nice apartment or studio in wageningen. We prefer a subsidy-price family apartment in Wageningen with kitchen and two bedrooms (or 1 bedroom? subject to Netherlands regulation). If you have an apartment available or know someone who has one, please let me know. Thank you for you attention E-mail and reply with number 245 [Submitted: 19-02-19]