When you rent a room, you might get in trouble with your landlord. Maybe you think you pay way to much rent, or you have to do with a rent increase you do not agree with. Or your landlord does not maintain the house as he should. In the worst case you get kicked out of your house unwillingly. What to do? The good news is that you as a renter are protected by the law. There is a maximum to the rent your landlord can ask for your room, you cannot just get kicked out of your house and your landlord is obliged to maintain the house properly. You yourself on the other hand should behave as a good renter, i.e. pay the rent in time and do not trouble the people around you. If your landlord does not stick to the rules, there is something you can do! On this page you will find some information about specific cases.



You think your rent is too high

The government determines the maximum rent for independent housing by a score system. Depending on floor surface and facilities your room gets a certain score. In a table you can look up the matching maximum rent. Your landlord cannot let you pay more than this amount each month. If you are paying more than the legal maximum rent you can turn to ‘de Huurcommissie’. A legal proceeding at the ‘Huurcommissie’ will cost you a fee around 11 euros, which has to be paid in advance. This fee will be returned when you appear to be right. click here for the legislative residential accommodation score system to check your maximum rent.

Your house is not fire proof

Ask your landlord to make improvements. You can check if your house is safe at ‘fire-safety’. If your landlord refuses to make the house fire proof, send him or her a registered letter in which you state what improvements need to be made and that he must make those improvements. You also give him a term to do this; 3 weeks is reasonable. Also state that when your landlord hasn’t made the improvements at the end of the term you will take legal action. The next thing you can do is to contact a legal aid counsel. Let him advise you about the steps you need to take. Remember the landlord is putting your life at risk and that he can’t just throw you out.

Your landlord wants you to move out

If you rent a room, you are protected by law. This means you can’t be thrown out of your room without your permission, unless you do not pay your rent in time or you are causing trouble. In any case, a judge will decide if, and under what conditions, the rent agreement will be ended. In many cases you will receive a compensation for the cost you make by moving out. Often, a landlord does not want to go to court and offers you a compensation. You can still negotiate about this compensation! About € 2000,- is a reasonable offer. The amount has to be ‘sufficient’ to pay the costs. This includes compensation for the fact that you have to leave. Emotional damage or study delay are justifications. Included in the compensation should be: Non material damage: having to move, the amount of time it consumes; The cost of moving; New curtains, paint, carpet etc.; Higher costs for a new place (when you have to move fast it’s not unreasonable to ask compensation for the difference in rent over a period of a year)

If you want more information, please contact:
De Huurcommissie: 0800-4887243
Bureau Voorlichting VROM: 070-3395050