In order to apply for the rent subsidy, you need to be registered at the municipality, and you need to apply for DigiD (, and then it’s possible to login to and apply for subsidy. The website is only available in Dutch, if you want you can visit us and we can help you with the application. We are open every working day between 10h and 16h and we are located at Generaal Foulkesweg 37a Wageningen.

Furthermore, there are some restrictions which depend on your household. These are the restrictions for 2020.

– If you are older than 23 years the basic rent should not exceed € 737,14 a month. If you are younger than 23 years the basic rent should not exceed € 432,51 a month in order to apply (unless you have a child that’s living with you, in that case it’s 737,14 ).

Be aware that the rent you pay monthly is the total rent: basic rent and service costs. In your rental agreement you can find the basic rent (in Dutch it is called ‘kale huur’).

– The income limit for 2020 is not defined, but in 2019 it was the following: If you are living alone your income can be maximally €  22.700,- a year (this is the income you pay taxes for in the Netherlands or in your own country, scholarships usually don’t count for the subsidy application), and your savings are not more than € 30.360,- (Dutch citizens have to pay taxes if their savings exceed this amount). If you share the apartment with another person who has an income, the cumulative income can be maximally € 30.825,- a year. And each of you can have savings of no more than € 30.360,- a person. If your income (or savings) is higher, the subsidy will not be granted.

– Finally your basic rent should be higher than 232,65 euro per month. This amount is the basic rent together with some of the service costs; cleaning costs for common areas (e.g. elevator, staircase), energy costs for common rooms (e.g. elevator, staircase light), and costs for the care taker. The housing corporation can specify these costs for you.

If you have more questions about the subsidy of need assistance with the application please let us know.