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Please be careful and watch out with offers for housing. Scammers are active! Never send money in advance!

Examples of SCAMS:
Theresa Bailey / Mrs. Crump Joan Elizabeth , / Hoogstraat 79 B

Facebook: Charlene Farr / Manon Ellen, room in Jagerskamp 99

Keller Mackenzie offering housing at Dijkgraaf

Facebook: Sam Frosten / Nola Flament: appartment, Lawickse Allee 28 Wageningen

Facebook:  Irene Fielder / Jaap van der  : appartment, Lawickse Allee 28 Wageningen

Facebook: Anita Sarah / Cornelis Schenk: Van Het Hoffstraat 10, 6706 KE Wageningen

Facebook: Richard Potter William: Akeleistraat 44, Wageningen

Katya Vasileva – asked for e-mail to send room information and vanished from Facebook.

Olaniyi – she send Whatsapp to talk to the landlord called Natasha. She also sends this address: Rietveldlaan 25, 6708 SN Wageningen, Netherlands. Her Facebook name and picture are different from before, the name now is Anu Blessing.

Prince Shuvo