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Please be careful and watch out with offers for housing. Scammers are active!

We can check if an offer is real or scam! Even if you find the offer at any other website or facebook page.


Examples of SCAMS:
> Theresa Bailey / Mrs. Crump Joan Elizabeth , / Hoogstraat 79 B (several times!)

> Facebook (Wageningen Student Housing): Charlene Farr / Manon Ellen, room in Jagerskamp 99 (several times!)


> Keller Mackenzie offering housing at Dijkgraaf

> Facebook: Sam Frosten / Nola Flament: appartment, Lawickse Allee 28 Wageningen

> Facebook:  Irene Fielder / Jaap van der Laan  : appartment, Lawickse Allee 28 Wageningen

Facebook: Anita Sarah / Cornelis Schenk: Van Het Hoffstraat 10, 6706 KE Wageningen

> Facebook: Richard Potter William: Akeleistraat 44, Wageningen


This list of SCAMS came from a student:

  • Katya Vasileva – she asked for my e-mail to send me room information and vanished from Facebook.
  • Anita Sarah – she asked me for my WhatsApp number and when I replied asking for the landlord’s WhatsApp number she blocked me. (I notice that she is already listed as a scammer on Housing Desk)
  • Olaniyi – she send me this Whatsapp (+37066055990) to talk to the landlord called Natasha. She also sends me this address: Rietveldlaan 25, 6708 SN Wageningen, Netherlands. I suspected this because her Facebook name and picture are different from before. If it was just the picture, ok, but the name now is Anu Blessing.
  • Theresa Bailey – she offered a room in Wageningen, but disabled comments on her publication. She said she wasn’t around to show the room, but she would contact me when she came back. Now she is not available any more on Messenger.
  • Charlene Farr – she offered a room on Wageningen Student Housing (Facebook), but comments were also disabled. She send me information and pictures and gave me the landlord’s e-mail