How do you let a room?

Since the HousingDesk stopped it’s services from the 1st of September 2023 onwards, it is not possible anymore to post ads on our website.

There are (at least) two other platforms you can use to rent out a room:
– Kamernet:
Kamernet is a big platform where rooms all over the Netherlands are offered and where potential renters have to take a subscription to respond to advertised rooms. For landlords it is free to post an ad and potential renters can contact the landlord. It is an easy way to find a renter. To search for a potential renter yourself you need to take a subscription as a landlord, that costs € 34,- a month. The subscription for the people searching for a room is € 26,- for 15 days, € 34,- for a month and € 68,- for 3 months. Kamernet is used a lot.
Hospi Housing is het biggest hospita* platform in the Netherlands and is new in Wageningen. They guide (new) hospita’s, help with contracts and matchmaking and check all new hospita’s. Landlords can use the platform for free, and also contact potential renters for free (and search for potential renters from the database themselves). Renters pay € 295,- a person when a contract is signed between a landlord and a renter.
* hospita: a landlord that lives in the house where a room is rented out.
Hopefully this is enough information to make a choice in where to offer a room. You can also offer rooms at both platforms of course.