If you are looking for a room, you can turn to us. You can have a look at the list of available rooms, for a room that meets your needs, and contact the person who offered it. You take over from there. Please understand, we do not look for a room for you. We only keep your address available for people who search for a tenant. You can search our list of rooms in two ways. You can visit us at Generaal Foulkesweg 37, or take a look at the House Rentals section on this site. The list of rooms is updated daily. You can also register yourself as house hunter. We are happy to register you but the most efficient way of finding a room is to search actively yourself. If you do want to register, please visit us or send an e-mail. Write in your email a nice ad (max. 80 words) with your name, what you are looking for, phone number and email adress. Please let us know once you have found a room, so we can keep the file up to date. We are about to list people looking for a room on our site just as we do with the available rooms. This way we hope to raise the number of landlords checking this file.

For more information about renting a room in Wageningen the HousingDesk made a folder ‘Renting a room in Wageningen’. Click HERE to download the pdf.

Project Duivendaal

The former main building of the Wageningen University is rebuild for student housing and offers 179 rooms in the centre of Wageningen. Do you want to find out more check their website — http://www.projectduivendaal.nl/


At the Plantsoen, a street in de centre of Wageningen, is a building with dozens of studentrooms with shared facilities. The surface of the rooms differs between 16m2 up to 30m2 and prices between 300,- and 500,-. For more information and availlibity call Arman on 0317-418695.

Other ways to find a room

If you did not manage to find a room through us and you find yourself homeless and miserable, you may want to try something else. You can advertise in the local newspapers or in the “Resource”, the University paper.

IDEALIS and Wageningen UR

Idealis is student housing foundation. You can register yourself at Idealis (www.idealis.nl)  for free as a househunter, but probable you have to wait for some months to get a room. Dutch students can in general always apply for housing at Idealis. Only particular groups international students can apply at Idealis: international students at Stoas, international BSc-students following a Dutch study program and PhD-ers having a permanent employment contract with the Wageningen UR (apartments only) can apply for housing. Akkermaalsbos 14, 6708 WB Wageningen, tel (0317) 42 61 61. Open: •Monday till Thursday 12.00 until 18.00h. •Friday 12.00 until 14.00h. You can also register online. However, you may have to send some enclosures. If that is the case, print the form and send it with the enclosures to the address above. If you are an international student following a MSc. BSc (non-Dutch as instruction language), exchange, PhD, VHL, trainee or guest worker, you have to apply at Wagenigen UR Student Service Center. For more information see their webpage.


Resource is the magazine of Wageningen UR. You can search or place an advertisement on their webpage at ‘classifieds’ 


Look for notes. In the University buildings, supermarkets and student flats are often notes advertising available rooms. You can put your own ad for a room there too.

Private Leasing Companies in Wageningen

If you have time and money you can turn to a Private Leasing Company. Waiting periods can be quite long there as well.

  • Amitrivius–> They offer appartments and studentrooms in Wageningen and Ede: Take a look at the website
  • VandenBrink Onroerend Goed -> They have apartments and studio’s in Wageningen and Ede. Take a look at their website:  www.vandenbrinkonroerendgoed.nl.
  • Van der Vorm Vastgoed –> Phone: 010-4369218 www.vormvastgoed.nl Renting 2- to 5-room apartments in Wageningen Rent: € 450,- or more (all-in) You need to have a minimum income of € 2000,- per month. You can sign in free of charge and online The waiting time is at least one year.
  • Breunissen Makelaars Phone: 0317-425600 www.breunissenmaklaars.nl Breunissen rents apartments in Wageningen. They also own a number of student houses in Wageningen. If you are interested in a room in a student house, contact Breunissen Rent: € 300,- or more. Sign up free of charge and online, go to ‘inschrijven aanbod’. Waiting time at least 1 year.
  • Gaphh Vastgoedbeheer  http://www.gapph.nl/
  • Ad-Hoc Vastgoedbeheer 026-3639305 http://www.adhocbeheer.nl